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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a licensed practitioner?
    I am not a licensed practitioner. In this industry one does not need to be licensed. I have taken many classes since 2008, learned online, in person, zoom and by educating myself reading many books by herbalists and essential oil authors. Check out my "My Story" page for more information on my journey and experience!
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    Shelf life varies on the individual products. But the best way to keep these products fresh is to store them in a sealed container, preferable brown or dark blue. Store them away from sunlight in a cool place. If stored properly products may last 8-10+ years. Citrus and cedar tree oils degrade faster than other products but I have had some last 7-8 years!
  • How much do I use at a time?
    Using natural products like herbs and essential oils is quite economical. Use a small amount to cover the area in question. Normally 1-2 drops is plenty. Rub it in and apply more often if needed. Small amounts more often is better than lots all at once.
  • Are your products guaranteed to work for my concerns?
    These products are made with love and care for as many people as possible. But no, our products, just like those purchased at the store are not guaranteed to work for every person or every issue. If your new product doesn’t work for one concern it may work for another concern!
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